It started with a silly joke to scare out mothers before our upcoming trip to Israel. "Don't worry mom, we'll avoid all the risks. the way, did I mention we're producing a photo documentary on Israel's bus stops?"

After the first Gin Tonic on the El Al plane to Tel Aviv we were increasingly sure that, hey, we are really going to do it: A series of snapshots of Israeli bus stops all across the country.

Besides the fact that Israel is an amazingly beautiful and historically as well as culturally fascinating country, it became obvious to us during our stay, that the CNN picture of Israel we (and our mothers) had was wrong: It's really not like there's bombs blowing up busses everywhere and all the time. In the end there are a couple of million people living in this country, living in houses, drinking coffee on the streets, and - taking the bus to work.

It's not like we're trying to shrug off the dangers of terrorist attacks in this country - it definetly exists, and of course there are risks here that we wouldn't be exposed to in our home country (Germany). Nevertheless, we felt quite safe, and had a truly fantastic time.

Please enjoy our pictures, and realize that for the most part, Israel is a very enjoyable country.

Chris and Nick




All pictures were taken with a 35mm SLR (Minolta Dynax 600i) and digitalized from film. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Upon request, large reprints are available. Contact us at

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